kissssing in yellow Friday, Jun 22 2007 

drawing by bill bissett, colouring by lenore herb


eagle dreems Monday, Jun 18 2007 

collection Stephen Roxborough

eagle dreems backstory:

Shawn Patrick, a friend of mine helped me move as well as
install electrical wiring so i could plug in my computer
and stereo. then, much to my chagrin, he wouldn’t accept
any payment. so i told him i’d buy him a bissett someday
and he agreed to that.

he was the only person (besides myself) that drove
from anacortes, washington to vancouver for
the radiant danse uv being book launch. he saw bill’s 30
or more paintings and stayed for the whole show.

unfortunately, i didn’t have much time to chat with him
and when i did have time, he was gone. i approached bill,
told him the story and asked bill to pick out a painting
he thought my friend would like.

“eagle dreems” is that painting.

when i gave it to my friend, he just stood there.
jaw dropped. then he smiled. i asked him what’s the matter?

“that’s the painting i had my eye on,” he said. “it’s the one
i wanted.”

bill knows things like that. it’s his way.

ZZZZzzzz Monday, Jun 18 2007 

drawing by bill bissett, colouring by lenore herb

YYYyyy Monday, Jun 18 2007 

drawing by bill bissett, colouring by Lenore Herb