kissssing Wednesday, Feb 14 2007 

red and blue on white drawing, 2003, fill colouring by Lenore Herbkisssingfullcard.jpg


being longing Monday, Feb 12 2007 

acrylic on canvas, 2004 used in the film, ‘th wizard uv time’being-longing.jpg

frenz Monday, Feb 12 2007 

blk and white drawing by bill bissett 2004
all colouring by Lenore Herb
from the card series produced for bill bissett by Lenore Herb

two 4 tea Monday, Feb 12 2007 

colour line drawing by bill bissett 2004
additional fill colouring by Lenore Herb
from the card series produced for bill bissett by Lenore Herb

th wizard uv time Sunday, Feb 4 2007 

bios by bill bissett
bill bissett: paintings, poetry, voice
originalee from lunaria now erthling thru halifax nueva scotia
bin heer 300 yeers lunarian time
sound poet writr vokalist n paintr based mostlee in toronto
goez 2 vancouvr a lot 4 reedings n shows n th pacifik northwest
th centralians areas or aria nyc thru out ont
estern see bord n europe nu book narrative enigma n northern wild roses
bothr from talonsbooks n nu seedeez rumours uv hurrican with composr bill roberts
n deth interrupts th dansing with pete dako composr
both from red deer press wanting all wayze 2 xpllor
sound n image storee n non narrativ in writing n painting

bill roberts: original music/composer
brillyant composr living now in london ontario
composd all th mewsik 4 rumours uv hurricane
2 whom bill bissett wrote text lyriks
ovr a three yeer collaboraysyun in th niagara regyun ontario
his composisyuns ar manee facitid gemini in theyr reech moovment
xpressyun he is now working uv kours on nu work wch
has a startling melodik n disturbing qualitee
rumours uv hurricane cd is produsd n releesd undr th red deer press bannr

lenore herb: filmmaker
th seleksyun th wizard uv time bill roberts mewsik
bill bissetts words is th sound track 4 lenore herbs gorgyus vizual pome
th wizard uv time with bill bissetts paintings
she has creatid thru magik photographee
fluid n brillyant editing an amayzing n sew mooving journee 4 th eye n heart
also not from ths erth originalee
tho th sources uv ths partikular birthing ar 4evr obscurd in mysteree
her film work video n dvd work her editing n archival preserving
ar both xtraordinaree n mirakulous her vizual composing is amayzing
n stirs th senses shes bin working
as well 4 a long time on erth as a poetree n visual art organizr n produsr
n writr n was in th band sonik horses

place uv waiting Saturday, Feb 3 2007 

acrylic on cupboard door, 1966 22×22, used in ‘th wizard uv time’ a film by Lenore Herb
collection LH

did u sey soul? Saturday, Feb 3 2007 

this is another one from the 60’s, acrylic on cupboard door, i have discussed this with bill before but we haven’t decided exactly what year. this one is in my collection, used in the film ‘th wizard uv time’. 18.5×20.5
collection LH

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